5 Ways to Clarity

Oftentimes I feel like I’m stopped right in my tracks by too much information.

You see, I think information is beautiful. And I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to searching and gathering what it is I want to know. I’m passionate about learning and discovering what our universe has to offer.

I just love it!

I remember thumbing page after page through encyclopedias and reference books when I was in college. Now, I can spend hours clicking away from one web page to the next gathering and seeking information, opinions, and ideas.  The internet is like a siphon to a vast, endless amount of resources. New doors are opened everyday with a click here and a click there. We have more content available to us than we could ever imagine.

So what happens when our love for information starts to get the best of us?

We get stuck, burdened, overwhelmed, exhausted, and confused. The list of adjectives could go on and on.

Sometimes all that information can become over stimulating like when you’ve had too many cups of coffee and you’re buzzing around unable to sit still and focus. Hot tea causes me to act like that.

Information lovers like ourselves have a way of overdoing it. We tend to dive into it with all our might seeking that golden nugget. We work our brain muscles like there’s no tomorrow gathering every nugget of information.

Lately, I’ve been gathering a boat load of nuggets learning about the blogging world. Hell-o! My mind is blown away each day with how much information is available. There are so many different ideas about how to blog. It can be overwhelming.

So how do we stop what’s stopping us?

Here are 5 strategies to keep you moving forward.


Disconnect from Technology

Remove yourself from your computer, tablet, and phone and breakout a good ole pencil and some paper. Changing your medium can be like a breath of fresh air. Your eyes are no longer being stimulated by the glare of the computer screen, and your brain gets a break from the influx of information constantly being delivered to it.

Take a Break

Do something completely unrelated to what you are working on. Sometimes we get too involved and we lose our vision. Taking a break can open other doors for ideas and creativity. Take a walk, play a game, workout, or go out to lunch with your BFF. The idea is to get away and then come back once you’ve spent some time away from your project.

Keep a Journal

Randomly write about anything. Your neighbor’s tree that keeps dropping leaves in your backyard, your dog, or that leaky faucet in your bathroom (hopefully you get that fixed). Don’t worry about handwriting, spelling, or grammar. It’s insignificant at the time. Unloading helps take the pressure off of you. Also, don’t be too nitpicky about what you journal in. It could be on a random piece of paper, in your favorite notebook, or on the back of your son’s homework. The idea is to just write.

Prioritize your Work

If you are multi passionate like me, then you’ve got a bazillion ideas going through your head all the time. Well, as you know that can drive you crazy. Try making a list of what’s banging around in that beautiful mind of yours. Arrange the list in order of importance to you. When you start gathering those nuggets of information, stay focused on your Number 1 topic. You can do it.

Remove Distractions

Our environment can pull us in many different directions. Sometimes you just need to remove yourself from your kids, husband, friends, or that load of laundry sitting on your floor. You may need to go to the library or put yourself in timeout to remove yourself from distractions. Oftentimes you can find me wearing headphones with no music playing while I work. Removing background noise helps me think and focus.

What does too much information do to you?

Too much information can constrict our minds causing us to become less productive and create feelings of insecurity. Recently, I’ve experienced fear and vulnerability. I found that I was comparing myself to other bloggers causing me to have one foot stuck in the mud and the other trying to pull it out. The influx of words and ideas caused me to be fearful about the expectations of being a blogger. Wow, that felt good to get out into the open.

So what did I do to get myself back on track?

I took a little break. Yup. One long enough to refocus. I got away from social media, slowed down on my reading and research, and journaled about my priorities. I approached my own thoughts with questions about what I wanted to gain over the next six months to a year. And it worked.

My discovery was awesome! I learned that I wanted to know more about the business of blogging. That I desired more guidance to help me prioritize and feel less vulnerable. I’ve learned that it’s ok to be where I am, a beginner. I feel like I now have a path. I’m grateful.

So now it’s your turn. I’m curious to know if you are an information lover like me and how you handle when you’ve got too many nuggets in your boat.

Thank you for reading.

Beth xoxo


"pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can't take their eyes off of you." - Maya Angelou

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