4 Ways to Mindful Living

I’m so excited! Change is happening in my life. It’s a shift in my relationship with food, exercise, my beliefs, my actions, my mindfulness, and so much more. It’s inspiring my life in more ways than I can count and is what I want to share with you this month. But first, I want to share something personal with you…

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How I Define Health and Wellness

I can’t help but think about love now that February has arrived. And I think self-love should be right at the top of everyone’s list. Most often in February, we think about the love we have for others like how we love our spouses, our besties, our kids and our family. But, how do we show love for ourselves?

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Rock Your Day!

Health I had a great weekend. Spent some time with my oldest kiddo, Tyler, volunteered at my church’s festival, and met some new friends and hung with some old ones too. And it all started like this... You know when this happens, right? You get an invitation to...

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Are you a repeat customer?

Health I was at the grocery awhile back, and the strangest thing happened. I was standing at the refrigerated section choosing my favorite yogurt flavors for the week, and a little old woman, seriously, she was a little old woman, crept up to me and whispered, “That...

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Check It Out! My 7 Favorite Things

Health How's your week going? Mine is getting off with a bang. Today, I'm waiting around for a big delivery. We purchased a new washer and dryer set over the weekend. Our dryer sounds like a diesel engine. It's very LOUD to say the least. So, while I wait around, I'm...

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Living well an eclectic life by example

I'm not made of one idea. I'm made up of many ideas, styles, and tastes.

Wife. Mom. Yogi. Believer. Dreamer. Traveler. Learner. Writer. Achiever. Wellness Enthusiast. Self-development Junkie. Etc.


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"pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can't take their eyes off of you." - Maya Angelou

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