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I’m happy to introduce myself – Hi. I’m Beth. I’m a creative at heart driven by ideas, learning + discovery. I’m a bit of an introvert, too…a part of me that I find interesting. I’m also a health nut and often drive my family crazy with new ways to live a mindful & healthy lifestyle.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Wright State University. Receiving my diploma is one of my most proud moments. After graduating, I pursued a career in technical writing and project administration. I love writing and organizing. In 2001, I made a bold decision to leave my career and dedicate my time to raising my family. Those 11 years are priceless, and I so miss my “little ones” being little. As life has it, though, children grow and family dynamics change. So in 2010, I began researching ways to return to my career. A challenge all its own. And, eventually, I accepted a position that was conducive to my family’s lifestyle.

In 2014, I felt restless. I was in a bit of an “identity” slump, and I needed to be challenged. Blogging became of interest to me. So I decided to start a blog, which I felt complemented my education and background, as a way to embrace my creativity and my desire to learn, a value I hold highly. A blessing in itself, USimplyBeam offers me a connection to all areas of my life.

Finally, I live in Columbus, Ohio with my husband, three teenage children, and one “party” dog named Eddie. We’ve lived in our home for 20 years, a length of time I didn’t expect when we bought our house. When I’m not blogging or helping others, I spend my time outdoors, practicing yoga/exercising, or researching the latest and greatest thing that interests me.

The blog

USimplyBeam began mid-year 2014 when I was seeking to learn more about myself. I desired to learn something new and embrace my creativity. At the time, I was in a bit of an “identity” slump. I knew I needed to get back to my roots of creating, organizing, and writing. I also wanted to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle. Creating a blog became my solution. The name “USimplyBeam” was derived from me having the courage to simply be myself without judgment (a work in progress) and to inspire others to be brave in their endeavors, too.

USimplyBeam became my way to connect with all areas of my life serving as a pathway for self-discovery. My initial desire was to learn everything I could about blogging and website design. I took online courses and read many articles + books all in hopes to create the best blog ever. Truth be told, I’ve struggled with blogging. I’ve found writing publicly especially about myself to be hard. HOWEVER, the beauty of USimplyBeam, so far, is that I’m learning so much more about myself. A gift that I cherish.

Grow and discover, that’s what we do here at USimplyBeam. Simply put – being you is simply beaming and a lot more fun. My aim for USimplyBeam is to inspire women to live creatively, fearlessly, know that they are so much more, and to always be themselves. I dedicate this platform to every woman outwardly seeking direction and guidance in her life.

Join me. I’m excited to share my experiences with you. While my path has been exploratory and organic, it’s been the most fabulous journey.

Strive for Progress not Perfection

When you’re growing and discovering, there’s no room for perfection. And this quote, “Strive for Progress not Perfection” is a nice reminder to let go of perfection.

I’ve experienced the doom of perfectionism all too often and found that it inhibits my creativity, collaboration, and motivation. I get stuck in the “outcome” abyss. USimplyBeam is a good example of my desire to make everything just right.  I’ve worried so much about the design, the focus, and the message that I’d rarely move forward.  By practicing “progress” I’m finding that I’m accomplishing a lot more + staying motivated, and I’m not so focused on what I’m trying to achieve.

Practice and experience is the foundation for growing and discovering. As you practice, you may become vulnerable and that may frighten you. Trust in your experience and allow it to guide you in whatever it is you’re doing. Aim to let go of the control (aka perfectionism) in order to move forward (aka progress). Each time you “practice” you’re moving forward, having a lot more fun, and opening yourself up to opportunity.

If you find yourself getting stuck more often than you like, try shifting your mindset to progress. You might be surprised how much your outlook changes. A helpful tool is to whisper the word “progress” to yourself keeping it in the forefront. You might feel silly doing it, but, hey, if it works, why not do it.

I hope this helps with understanding more about USimplyBeam, our mission and how we’re progressing, and gives you some insight on how to approach your goals and desires. xoxo. Beth.



"pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you"  - Maya Angelou
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