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3 Ways Decluttering Offers Clarity

Summer brings on new experiences and the chance to declutter. During the winter months, we tend to hunker down and almost hibernate. Summer, on the other hand, offers a time to explore, change things up, and live a little more freely. With summer break in full swing, Emma left for a week long camp in Lake City, Michigan about 6 hours from where we live. I was feeling a little anxious about sending her. She’s been to camp before but never 6 hours away. This mama was definitely feeling out of her element, but I knew that she was in good hands and also knew that she needed to live and enjoy new experiences. read more

Rejoicing in the Freedom of Love

I’ve always loved my birthday month. May is such a beautiful time of the year. I enjoy the excitement in the air. Everyone starts to come out of their homes from the long winter. Trees and flowers start blooming. Kids are finishing up school. Just so much is happening during this time of the year. read more

The Miracle of Love

I want to share a powerful experience I had earlier this month. During my morning meditation, I became completely overwhelmed with Love. I tapped into an experience that was the opposite of what I believed it to be. As I felt this emotion tears filled my eyes, and it felt like I had released years of self-BLAMING. read more

4 Ways to Mindful Living

I’m so excited! Change is happening in my life. It’s a shift in my relationship with food, exercise, my beliefs, my actions, my mindfulness, and so much more. It’s inspiring my life in more ways than I can count and is what I want to share with you this month. But first, I want to share something personal with you... read more

Healthy Ways to Love Yourself

I can’t help but think about love now that February has arrived. And I think self-love should be right at the top of everyone’s list. Most often in February, we think about the love we have for others like how we love our spouses, our besties, our kids and our family. But, how do we show love for ourselves? read more

My Big Discovery in 2015

Happy January! We’ve made it through our first week of 2016. Yeah! I find starting a new year exciting. I get the chance to reflect, plan, and think of some fun things to do over the next 12 months. Self-reflection is one of my favorite things to do, and I like to do it at the beginning of the year instead of trying to cram it in at the end of the year. read more

Why Kindness Matters

The most inspiring thing happened to me last weekend. In a moment when I was feeling lost, a stranger showed me kindness. I was so appreciative of this women that I gave her a hug. I don't think she realized how grateful I truly was. So, what happened? How did she show be kindness? read more

My summer challenge lesson

Hey there friends,   I have an embarrassing story to tell. Do I dare tell it? I cringe and the thought. Actually, it’s more of a confession, and it’s good to air your dirty laundry every now and then. Right? Here it goes. It happened over the summer when I tried...

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Rock Your Day!

Hey there sunshine, I had a great weekend. Spent some time with my oldest kiddo, Tyler, volunteered at my church’s festival, and met some new friends and hung with some old ones too. And it all started like this... You know when this happens, right? You get an...

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Fitness: Staying on Track. Full of Excitement!

So I’m super excited this week because we’re getting ready to go on vacation. Yeah! It's so desperately needed. We're headed to my most favorite beach, Siesta Key, FL. Concentration is not my friend right now. I’ve had such a hard time concentrating at work, because I...

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When Opportunity Knocks, Try It

Hey there! Hope you've had a fantastic day! Mine has been pretty good. I woke up this morning thinking about opportunity and how life is filled with its many different variations. The best thing is how it is unexpected, even when you’re creating it for yourself. This...

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Advice: 4 Tips to Motivating Change

Wow! It’s been awhile since I chatted with you. Sorry about that. I’ve been busy taking a leap of faith. This year I set a goal to learn as much as I can about business, marketing, and blogging. Why? Because I want to offer you the best health and fitness experience I...

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