Are you a repeat customer?

I was at the grocery awhile back, and the strangest thing happened.

I was standing at the refrigerated section choosing my favorite yogurt flavors for the week, and a little old woman, seriously, she was a little old woman, crept up to me and whispered, “That contains aspartame.” and then walked away. Never to be seen again, by me of course.

Honestly, that happened to me.

The oddity of her kind intrusion is one I won’t forget. And it got me thinking about what she said … if that was her intention.

At the time I didn’t know what aspartame was; I’d never even heard of it.

That day was a turning point for me.

Since then I’ve learned that the false identity of “healthy ” food stirs my bucket.

I started learning more about food additives (and I’m still learning by the way) and questioning the types of products I was buying.

Think about how often you see words like low fat, reduced fat, sugar free, and zero calories on products you buy or want to buy?

All the time, am I not right?

Have you ever thought about what those words really mean and what action they encourage you to take?

My thought, you want to buy those products don’t you?

Probably because you think they are good “healthy” products to eat.

If they contain an artificial sweetener like aspartame, I’d think twice.

What’s the purpose for putting chemically created artificial sweeteners in my food and drinks? Why not use good old fashion sugar?

I’m sure the food industry has their reasons.

So what is aspartame?

Aspartame is one of the most commonly used artificial sweeteners used in thousands of foods and beverages and is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is about 200 times sweeter than sugar.

[Wow! That’s pretty sweet. Have you ever heard of a repeat customer? More sugar, please.]

There are differing opinions about the health risks of aspartame. Some fear it’s linked to certain cancers. Others say it causes headaches and dizziness. And then there are some who claim there are no health risks. You can learn more here.

Here’s my point, food manufactures don’t tell you the entire story.

Through marketing they make you think they’ve improved their product. When in fact, what they’ve done is added more chemicals to the product. Chemicals that keep calling you back.

How can that be healthier for you?

Consumers (that’s you and me by the way) are “glancers” for the most part. They look at packaging, see click words like low fat, sugar free, and zero calories, and responsively react by thinking the packaged food is a better “healthier” choice.

When I see words like low fat or sugar free, I think of the words “chemical shit storm.”

In my mind, anything that is created artificially contains chemicals. Our bodies aren’t meant to survive on chemicals.

Our beautifully, crafted bodies are supposed to be nourished with vitamins and minerals from whole foods.

So what do you do? Get SMART!

Before I begin, though, I must be honest with you. My family, myself included, continues to eat processed foods. The convenience of those prepackaged goodies comes in very handy with our busy lives.

However, I do make a conscience effort every day to reduce my indulgence of these food items.

Here are some tips to help you start to make small steps in eliminating processed foods from your diet.

  • Make yourself aware of what’s in the food you are buying by reading the labels.
  • Learn often about what food manufacturers are putting in our products.
  • Set a goal to buy more whole foods than processed foods.
  • Work in a least one meal a day that doesn’t contain any processed foods, such as breakfast or lunch.
  • Pack your lunch and take homemade snacks with you.
  • Stay away from vending machines. (Talk about a chemical shit storm.)
  • Buy more fresh fruits and vegetables and less processed snack foods.
  • Make your own snack foods with whole ingredients.
  • Pick a day of the week where your dinner is homemade.

Let’s not be repeat customers. Your health is important to you. Remind yourself of that when buying groceries or planning meals for the week.

Small changes are big changes.

Now it’s your turn, tell me what you do to stay away from processed foods?

Thank you for reading.

Beth xoxo


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