Rock Your Day!

I had a great weekend. Spent some time with my oldest kiddo, Tyler, volunteered at my church’s festival, and met some new friends and hung with some old ones too. And it all started like this…

You know when this happens, right?

You get an invitation to something that you so badly want to attend. You’re super excited. Then you think, “Oh shoot, I most likely have something planned that day.” Why? Because you’ve always got something planned. Right?

You slowly peek at your calendar with one eye closed just hoping that you’ve got the date open. You’re afraid to look, but you do.

You’ve been there before, huh?

You get that excited feeling in  your stomach. You’re looking forward to hanging with friends and maybe making a few more. You’re excited about trying something new, maybe. Or you may even be a little nervous about going, but you so want to give it a try.

Well this happened to me recently.

My neighbor sent me an invite to a backyard bootcamp at her house. There was no doubt in my mind that when I checked that date I was going to have something already planned. Our weekends are usually booked with some sporting activity at this time of the year.

To my surprised eyes, I had nothing planned. Woohoo! I RSVP’d right away. I reread the invite one more time and noticed that I had gotten ahead of myself. I’d looked at the wrong date. Darn It.

The planned date was two weeks away, not one. Shoot, shoot, shoot. Could I get lucky again? So I relived the entire task again hoping that I had the date open. And I did! Big Smile!

Wow! Two lucky dates open in two weeks. I couldn’t believe.

The weekend finally arrived.

I walked next door to my neighbor’s house and some ladies were already there. Everyone was chatting and getting to know one another. Elizabeth, our host and my neighbor, was full of her natural energy and ready to work us out.

She put together a great tabata workout for us. We were spread out in her backyard each of us having our own little spot. The sun was shining and there was a little bit of a breeze. It felt great being outdoors.

Most of us are so comfortable working out in our controlled environments. Air conditioning keeping us somewhat comfortable as we sweat away. Working out in the fresh air is completely different.

In this case we had the sun shining and the grass staring at us as we did our push ups and burpees. We used the trees as a cool, shady spot to drink a swig of water between breaks. It was a great morning.

Elizabeth ended our workout with a couple relay activities. At first we were all laughing because we kept screwing up the relays. We got it together, though, and finished up strong.

Backyard Bootcamp collage

A group workout is a lot of fun.

It’s honestly been years since I worked out with a group of people. I’m usually a loner getting my workout in when I can. A gym membership or group fitness program really isn’t my style.

I had so much fun at this workout, though, I’m considering trying more group workout activities. Meeting like minded women is something I am definitely interested in doing. I hope Elizabeth has another backyard workout again soon.

Backyard Bootcamp Collage 2

It’s your turn. Have you ever done a backyard workout? Do you workout more often by yourself or with others?

Let me know by commenting below. I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading.

Beth xoxo


"pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can't take their eyes off of you." - Maya Angelou

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