How I Define Health and Wellness

I can’t help but think about love now that February has arrived. And I think self-love should be right at the top of everyone’s list.

Most often in February, we think about the love we have for others like how we love our spouses, our besties, our kids and our family. We show them our love with candies, cards, special moments, and dinner dates.

How do we show love for ourselves?

Our precious, beautiful…selves.

One way I show self-love is to see myself as a miracle…my life, my body and my mind. It’s only recently that I’ve started thinking this way. And I love it! I show gratitude each day for every bit of me. Sometimes it’s the smallest gratitude that feels the warmest.

Another way I like to show self-love is through my health and wellness lifestyle. I believe wellness lifestyles come in all shapes and sizes. I also believe that words are powerful tools. And when you put something in your own words, it’s empowering and even more meaningful to you.

So, I’ve defined health and wellness using my own words so that they’re more relatable to my life and the way I think and do things.

I found defining health to be the hardest of the two. I probably scribbled ten different yet very similar definitions to come up with one that was meaningful to me and hopefully to you, too.


My definitions for health and wellness.

♥  Health is about self (me) and appreciating all that my body does for me. It’s nourishing my body with good, wholesome food for healthy cell growth. It’s a calm mind for loving energy to flow through. And it’s movement that strengthens my muscles and keeps me limber so that I can enjoy what I love to do.

♥  Wellness is about living (my) life and embracing all the opportunities I have to live it. It’s my dynamic lifestyle choice that will continue for my lifetime and promotes good health in my body, mind, and relationships. It’s the overall balance of my whole life not just parts of it and a positive approach to living. It’s a lifestyle that encourages a level of excitement and curiosity for my life. It’s about acknowledging my life for me.

I love these definitions because they speak to my own lifestyle. How I choose to live my life. I use them as a mantra to remind me that being healthy is my goal.

Some of you may not agree, and that’s OK. Self-love is about accepting yourself and what you feel to be true for you. But, I do hope that you find something you like about them so that you too can apply them to your life.


How does self-love, health, and wellness fit with…nourish your beautiful life?

There are times in my life where I have not appreciated my body and all that life has gifted me. I was malnourished, I guess you could say, in a variety of ways. My eating disorder is one of those times.

But the more I work on USB and practice nourishing my beautiful life, I notice my perspective changing and a loving energy surrounding me. My health and wellness lifestyle is my guided nourishment.

I see my body as living, my mind as empowering, and my life a miracle.

All this nourishment creates so much self LOVE and JOY in my life and is what I strive for each day. I must note that I’m not perfect and I do stumble. Remember…

…this nourishment is what I strive for each day.

Now it’s your turn: How do you define health and wellness? Does your definition nourish your beautiful life? Please let me know by commenting below.

Thank you for reading.

Beth xoxo

P.S. “The happier and more connected you are to yourself, the more attractive you will be to others.” by Kris Carr

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"pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can't take their eyes off of you." - Maya Angelou

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