Why Kindness Matters

The most inspiring thing happened last weekend while I was on desperate search for a dog proof trash can.

You see, our family dog, Eddie, is obsessed with trash and it drives me crazy. So I was on a mission last weekend to find an “Eddie” proof trash can.

Searching for a trash can is no small task I’ve discovered. There are a zillion to choose from, who woulda thought, and the prices are out of this world. I settled on a tall, slim stainless steel can thinking this has got to be Eddie proof.

Well, when I got it home, Eddie wasn’t the problem. The can was. Everytime the lid lifted and closed, it made a clanging sound. Not the trash can for us. Back to the drawing board.

So the next day my search continued.

At my final store and after testing 3 or 4 cans, I hit the jackpot. I purchased the trash can and headed out to my next destination. I was super excited that this search was over.

After doing some Trader Joe’s shopping, about 40 minutes later, a panicked feeling came to me. “Where is my phone?” Now I know how crazy it is to be panicked over a phone. But you know as well as I do how much we all depend on those little devices.

After saying a few prayers, I headed back to the supermarket where I found that awesome Eddie proof trash can to retrace my steps. With no luck finding my phone, I went to the customer service desk.

This is when the most inspiring and nicest thing happened to me.

While standing at customer service, praying they have my phone, an older woman walked up.

I glanced at her and noticed her hand. In the palm of it, she was gently carrying an iPhone. My heart dropped with an overwhelming feeling of relief. I’m sure you’ve had that feeling before.

As soon as I saw it, I wanted to grab my phone from her kind hand with much excitement. But I held my composure and gently asked her, “Did you just find that phone? I believe it’s mine.” She looked at me with kind, surprised eyes and with a smile she started to tell me how she found it.

I took the phone and asked her, “Can I give you a hug?” Without waiting for an answer, I hugged her and repeatedly told her how thankful I was. I’m still not convinced that she quite understood my feeling of relief.

This kind woman’s gesture to return my phone is so inspiring and reminds us that the smallest and biggest acts of kindness mean so much.

We need each other and we need kindness in our lives. We need to show love to our family members, our friends, our co-workers and those strangers on the street.

We need to say, “Hi” or “Hello.”

We need to smile and laugh and cry together.

We need to give hugs. We need to say, “Thank you.”

We need to hold the door open for someone.

We need to bake cookies for a friend or bring them a Starbucks.

We need kindness in our lives.

I think simply paying attention to those around us and being present in our day can change someone else’s outlook on their entire day.

Kindness works on many levels. It shows that someone cares. It invites a sense of calmness or relief. It may also reduce stress or make a tense situation less tense. And the best benefit of kindness is that when you give it, your self-love grows, too. Now, who doesn’t want that.

So, I ask that you keep my story in mind and my feelings of gratitude and remember to share your kindness. Share your smile. It only takes one act of kindness to make a change.

Now it’s your turn: What acts of kindness have you received? Do you also have a trash loving dog? (Ha. That one’s just for fun.)

Thank you for reading.

Beth xoxo

P.S. Here’s an awesome little quote for you…”In this life we cannot always do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa

Photo By: The Dollar Photo Club


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